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Don’t Blink When Driving by Estate 1856 or You’ll Certainly Miss the Entrance!

Estate 1856 Wines by Brian and Janice Schmidt, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma, California  Hidden away within the trees along East Dry Creek Valley road in Sonoma’s Dry Creek Valley AVA, awaits a diamond in the rough when it comes to handcraft, small production wines.   Stemming from a fifth generation family, Janice and Brian have been nurturing the vineyards which started back in 1856, (hence the name), by Brian’s ancestor D.D. Phillips of Tzabaco Rancho Vineyards. Janice and Brian both possessing a seasoned viticulture and enology background, including tenure with heavy hitters like Andre Tchelistchef, are creating some of Sonoma’s best red varietals and a true Bordeaux Blend. With an attention to detail, from the planting to the harvest to...


Red Wine & Seafood, It Can Be "What's for Dinner"

One of the modern day wine questions for red wine drinkers is what type of red wine if any, goes with seafood. Many of us don’t want to give up drinking red when we want to enjoy seafood but most heed the “red wine meat, white wine fish” warning. Well, there are exceptions to the rule and arguably a “safe bet” in that department, from sushi to “the daily special” is Pinot Noir. I had a chance to visit my friend Andy at Andy’s Shin Hinomoto in Yurakucho with a bottle of Lease Fitch Pinot Noir and Lease Fitch Sauvignon Blanc. Leese Fitch is part of the Sebastiani Family of wines. Andy’s (the Establishment), has been around for more than...


Poppy Wine Review

I recently opened the 2016 Poppy SLH Chardonnay and the 2017 Poppy Cabernet from Paso Robles.  Both produced from the Monterey Wine Co.  I’ve had these two wines for sometime now and very impressed how well they have matured the past few years. Poppy wines are not only one of the best cost performance wines I’ve had, but one of the best age worthy too. The Monterey Wine Company has been around for about 45 years now and is noted for creating wines for a variety of California wine clients and labels.  Though I cannot say exactly who, odds are that you’ve enjoyed a few without even knowing it! By combinding traditional wine making methods with the latest hi-tech, they...



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