Don’t Blink When Driving by Estate 1856 or You’ll Certainly Miss the Entrance!

Estate 1856 Wines by Brian and Janice Schmidt, Dry Creek Valley,
Sonoma, California 
Hidden away within the trees along East Dry Creek Valley road in Sonoma’s Dry Creek Valley AVA, awaits a diamond in the rough when it comes to handcraft, small production wines.   Stemming from a fifth generation family, Janice and Brian have been nurturing the vineyards which started back in 1856, (hence the name), by Brian’s ancestor D.D. Phillips of Tzabaco Rancho Vineyards. Janice and Brian both possessing a seasoned viticulture and enology background, including tenure with heavy hitters like Andre Tchelistchef, are creating some of Sonoma’s best red varietals and a true Bordeaux Blend.
With an attention to detail, from the planting to the harvest to the bottling, no expense is spared to create a truly wonderful experience.  Their 5th generation vineyards are producing some of the deepest Malbec and Petit Verdot I’ve ever tasted and the Cabernet Sauvignon is designed with more balance in mind as would a traditional old world Cabernet, with solid tannins and a long layered finish.  Their crowning achievement is a culmination of all three varietals in Duvall’s Prospect, a  true “new world” Bordeaux style wine that has astonished me not only in taste but in price!
Regardless of achieving multiple gold medals across the board, Estate 1856 is still one of California’s best kept secrets. So If you’re looking for something not only rare, unique and passionately made, look no further that Janice and Brian Schmidt’s Estate 1856 red wines.
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