Red Wine & Seafood, It Can Be "What's for Dinner"

One of the modern day wine questions for red wine drinkers is what type of red wine if any, goes with seafood. Many of us don’t want to give up drinking red when we want to enjoy seafood but most heed the “red wine meat, white wine fish” warning. Well, there are exceptions to the rule and arguably a “safe bet” in that department, from sushi to “the daily special” is Pinot Noir.
I had a chance to visit my friend Andy at Andy’s Shin Hinomoto in Yurakucho with a bottle of Lease Fitch Pinot Noir and Lease Fitch Sauvignon Blanc. Leese Fitch is part of the Sebastiani Family of wines. Andy’s (the Establishment), has been around for more than 70 years and for me is undoubtedly one of the best seafood places in Tokyo.  Andy (my friend), is a normal fixture at Tsukiji market most everyday and has a keen eye for what his customers want and will enjoy at a price that won’t break the bank.  I alway make a point to order the sashimi plate and the seared scallops (hotate).  Some of you may balk at the idea of sashimi and Pinot, but a lighter, slightly fruiter style with nominal acidity may surprise you and your palate.  Light enough with balanced, moderate acidity to compliment sashimi to seared scallops, is a match yet to be explored by most.
Our Lease Fitch Sauvignon Blanc (not pictured at mealtime), is also a good match for white drinkers.  Reason?  Well much like the Pinot Noir, the Lease Fitch Sauvignon Blanc is also a “broad spectrum” wine, with balanced acidity and a bit more body than a traditional Sav Blanc, due the 12% French Colombard, and sunny California growing season. Go ahead and match it against both sashimi to scallops, you may find the moderate acidity compliments fatty fish while the body stands up to seared shellfish.
 More About Leese Fitch Wines:
When in Tokyo, Andy’s (usually reservation only but….).