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HEAVYWEIGHT originated when Paul Scotto discovered an unusually robust barrel of Cabernet with soft tannins. It was smooth and easy to enjoy.
This flavor profile became the foundation of HEAVYWEIGHT wines.

Winemaker Paul Scotto

"I Consider myself the “Blendologist” of the family. For me, blending is the most creative and enjoyable part of winemaking.”  Each vintage we create is full bodied, richly flavored, well balanced wines with a smooth clean finish.



Blending helps create different characteristics and flavor complexity for each HeavyWeight release. Some blends are used to create fullness and structure while others are used for developing fragrance and depth.  Sourced from various California regions, these blends offer the very best from each varietal. As the years pass, the vintages change but the Heavyweight wines will continue to be the champions of good taste!







Knock Out red Is a full body punch of flavor and fruit. Nicely balanced. If you’re looking for big bold red, then this is it! Alc. 12.5%


力強く厚みがあり、 しっかりした赤ワインです。Alc. 12.5%





These rich, rounded dark fruit flavors are nicely balanced by a light touch of oak. The pleasant, lingering finish means this Merlot pairs well with meats or a hearty Alc. 13%


肉料理やボリュームのあるサンドイッチとよく合います。Alc. 13%

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