”Maritime" Pinot Noir ~ Bill Smith of WH Smith Wines


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私マイケルは幸運にもワイナリーWH Smithのビル・スミスと生前ビジネス以上の関係を築くことができました。ビルと妻のジョアン・スミスは長年ナパヴァレーの住人で、ナパ最高峰のピノを生産するビルは「ロックスター」の愛称で知られていました。私たちTomei Winesが長年に渡りソノマコーストのマリタイム・リッジ・ヴィンヤーズのピノ・ノワールを扱えることをとても誇りに思います。ビルがいなくなった今でも彼のレガシーはワインを通じて生き続けています。


I had the good fortune to not only work with Bill Smith of WH Smith Wines, but to socialize with him years before his death in 2017.  Bill and Joan Smith were long time residence of Napa Valley and Bill was considered a “rock Star’ in the local Calistoga community for making some of the best Pinot’s in Napa.  We at Tomei’s were honored to work with Bill and his staff over the years importing his Sonoma Coast and the Maritime Pinot noirs. Now that he is gone, his legacy will live on through his wines.   Recently I was able to secure the last of his 2013 Smith Sonoma  Coast  Maritime Pinot Noir. For those of you who enjoy the light feminine and velvety finish of Bill’s Sonoma Coast label, the Maritime is by far a more robust and masculine mouth feel while retaining the satin and velvety finish know in quality Pinot Noirs. With layers of dark cherry and depths of oak notes, this Pinot is by far one of my favorites and one of Bill’s best labels.  We are offering a limited number of the final 2013 Maritime Vintage for you to enjoy on a first come first served basis.
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