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Paul Newman and Newman’s Own Foundation have given over $350 million to thousands of charities around the world. When you purchase Newman’s Own wine, you’re helping to brighten the lives of people in need.


More than 25 years ago, Paul Newman created his famous a salad dressing line.  To his surprise, it became very popular and over the years, Newman’s Own launched many type of food products including three world class wines which includes Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and now a Red Blend.

Today, Newman’s Own Common Good line of wines source grapes from premier vineyards throughout California. Each award-winning wine is crafted to Paul’s personal style, using top quality grapes from premium vineyards, resulting in beautifully balanced wines with tremendous character and flavor.

 Paul Newman always believed in sharing his good fortune with those in need. From the very beginning, he donated every penny he earned from his Newman’s Own products to charity. Today, his legacy of philanthropy lives on in the Newman’s Own Foundation, which continues to generously support charities under the Common Good Label.
Here’s to you, Paul!



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