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【Ferrari Carano   2018 Sangiovese Rose 】

Tax Included ¥3,529


This refreshing rosés crafted from hand-picked Sangiovese goes well with seafood as well as spicy asian dishes.

limited stock, 4 bottles

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【St. Amant 2016 Marian's Old Vine Zinfandel 】

Tax Included ¥5,179

Rich and jammy Zinfandel. This wine is filled with concentrated fraver and umami made from grapes of own-root trees over 100 years old.

limited stock, 6 bottles

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【W.H.Smith 2013 Maritime Pinot Noir】

Tax Included ¥16,500


A premium craft-wine crowned with "Maritime" that is only given to the highest quality wines of the year. 

limited stock, 11 bottles

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【Estate1856   2015 Cabernet Sauvignon- Barrel Reserve】

Tax Included ¥22,000

残り本数わずかなカリフォルニアのクラフトワイン Estate1856カベルネ・ソービニョン

Premium craft wines from a family-run winery in Sonoma County. The owner studied winemaking at UC Davis and also studied wine aromas. Her study contributed to the wine aroma wheels. Please enjoy this award-winning fragrant Bordeaux blend made carefully with passion by fragrance experts.  

2019 International Womens Wine Competition  95 Points&Gold Medal〉

〈2019 Critic’s Challenge International Wine Competition  90 Points&Gold Medal


"Estate1856 Winery was closed in July 2021"


limited stock, 19