Tomei Wines’ Sparkling Wine and Rose Set

Tomei Wines’ Sparkling Wine and Rose Set

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カリフォルニア ロゼ セット

• 2018フェラーリ・カラノ ドライ サンジョベーゼ ロゼ

• ソフィア スパークリング ブリュット ロゼ






• 2018 Ferrari Carano Dry Sangiovese Rose
• NV Sofia Sparkling Brut Rose Wine

Now on sale for the upcoming Spring cherry blossom season.
Rose is the wine for under the cherry blossom tree for the 2020 Hanami season! Either Sparkling or Still, enjoy it with your picnic or just on its own with friends. Light, crisp and flavorful. An excellent choice for a leisurely day.